Kerry Zacharia explores the relationship between her inner spiritual and external environment that represent her past and present experiences.  Her unique line style lends itself to freedom of expression albeit within the constraints of the outlines she has drawn.  Her art conceals and reveals, enabling the mind to travel through the imagery whilst connecting and exposing at the same time. 


Her main artistic characteristics are quite graphic and painting with ink compliments her style.  She enjoys the transparency and fluidity of ink and it’s quick to dry.  This aids her fast-moving pace, keeping up with her energy and subconscious visions that transpose themselves onto the paper.  However, working with ink is quite unforgiving and mistakes are generally accepted as part of the creation process.  Kerry uses acrylic inks like one would use paints, mixing and diluting to achieve her desired effect.  Kerry structures her art into themes and within those she creates sub-themes and hence her portfolio is largely formed of a series of ‘collections’. 



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