Kerry Zacharia is a London born artist of Greek-Cypriot ethnic origin.  She has lived and worked in London all her life.  Kerry at the age of 56 is a natural self-taught artist who is guided by her vision, instinct and intuition.  In a short space of time she has gained quite a following and is widely selected and exhibits her art primarily in London.  She consistently receives great feedback from her shows and on social media.  Someone once commented that her art was “like Van Gogh from another dimension”.  Her art is largely received as “different”, “energising” and “mysterious” and as her having a ‘unique’ style. 

Creative talent was present in her as a child, however, her career took her on a different path.  Her passion for art long remained and in 2004 she began to explore an inner vision that marked the beginning of her ink on paper works.  Kerry finished her first painting around 2006 in red and black ink and went on to complete a further six paintings in the same style.  Although Kerry launched her art career in March 2014 with a selection of these paintings, she has intuitively chosen to keep this first collection private for now.  

Kerry likes to structure her art into themes and within those she creates sub-themes and hence her portfolio is formed of a series of collections.  For example, her London inspired art currently comprises of five sets.  Many people connect with Kerry’s London paintings because of the iconic landmarks they include, however, her main inspiration for their creation came from simple uplifting and sometimes spiritual moments that she experienced during her day to day life.  Her London art is deeper than the instant connection it forms, especially once the viewer allows the flow of her lines to transport their vision through the painting, forming connections and revealing any hidden mysteries they hold, making the whole experience of viewing her art ‘different’.  She managed to fulfil her ambition to bring all her remaining London art together under one roof and these were on show in the heart of London where many of her paintings were inspired for her first major solo exhibition.  The show, entitled “London in Different Dimensions”, was hosted at the Salvation Army IHQ in their Gallery 101.  The show was a huge success with the public and the feedback was remarkable with some saying the show belonged in the Tate Modern and that people should pay to see it.  For Kerry, it was a sheer delight to see the public engaging and becoming inspired by her art.

Kerry has been working on her next major solo exhibition, inspired from an inner place relating to family and faith. She is keeping this collection private until its launch.  In addition, she is working in association with ArtCan and was selected for two high profile opportunities during 2019; Elevate at the Shard and Encounters at D-Contemporary in Mayfair and also took part in their first online exhibition, Transient in June 2020.

​​​​Whilst being an artist is not her full-time profession, she has shown great commitment and dedication since her journey began in establishing herself as an artist. She continually invests in her self-representation and is always seeking opportunities to develop her art practice.


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